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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let the Bastards Swamp Us, Rules Judge

Now that shock and awe is passé, and the brave servicepersons who fought for Tony and George are all safe at home, and the sovereign, independent Iraqi government has come into its own, expunging terrorism with one mighty hand and corruption with the other; now that the evil Iranians have stopped stirring up trouble and interfering in the affairs of a country which does not constitute a military threat; now that the various errors and oversights which took place during the Iraq adventure are so far in the past that even the spiritual leader of the Poodle Archipelago does not think it worth while to mention the torture and mass murder which accompanied them; now that the cancers are on the decline, the cluster bombs have turned cuddly and the schools and hospitals are springing up all over the country like bankers' bonuses; now, in short, that all is well and mission accomplished and roses, roses everywhere, the Ministry of Dawn Raids and Deportations sees no reason why Iraqi asylum seekers should use the devastation of their homeland as some sort of excuse for further endangering New New Labour's precious relationship with the scumbag press. However, as so often seems to happen, the law has stood in the way of natural justice, blocking the ejection of half a dozen people who were about to be sent back, apparently to the safe haven that is Baghdad. The Ministry of Dawn Raids and Deportations was so certain of the legal and moral status of its actions that it refused to disclose the destination or the date of the flight on which the beneficiaries were to be repatriated; yet the judge found in favour of the asylum seekers. No wonder respect for the law is so rare these days.

Update Certain elements of the Iraqi army are no better, it appears.


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