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Saturday, October 17, 2009

In Summary

The Glorious Successor, leader of New New Labour, Prime Minister and Premier-under-Mandelson of Her Majesty's Government, which collaborated in the murderous invasion of Iraq and cannot supply its own troops properly; which connived in torture and illegal detention and sent a begging letter to the Americans for an alibi; which wags its finger at Iran while patting Israel on the head; which spies incessantly on its own citizens but cannot make proper provision to keep the data from being left on trains or stolen on laptops; which has broken every promise of meaningful Parliamentary reform in England but has helped the BNP gain seats in Europe; which lectures the public on responsible energy use and claims to be turning the economy green via coal and nuclear; which turns sickly at the thought of paying its citizens a decent pension while happily throwing its citizens' money at banks in reward for not mending their ways; which has filled the prisons with the mentally disturbed while covering for any corporate crook provided its crimes are blatant enough; which panders to the worst instincts of the scumbag press while abusing the BBC for bias; the Glorious Successor, who presided, if that is the word I want, over the expenses scandal and responded to it by publishing redacted versions of what had already appeared in the press and by letting egregious thieves go in return for a cheque and a show of contrition; the Glorious Successor has now decided, after twelve years of continuing the Thatcherite project of dismantling the public sector so that the profitable bits can be given to private corporations and the rest doled out to churches and charities or simply allowed to rot, that it is time to take a tougher line against those vested interests which are standing in his way. He wants society to be more responsible. Well, jolly good luck to him.


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