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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Muscular Britishness

Britain's Head Boy, whose government has been such a paragon of moderation in so many respects, has had a bit of a burble about fighting the forces of extremism with the glories of muscular Britishness. More precisely, he's ordered one of his more literate fags to write an essay for the Stürmer on Sunday about the urgent need to place the moderate values of the Minister for NewsCorp and Faith Schools, Michael Gove, at the heart of the national curriculum. It appears that Britain's Head Boy read a book about History once, and thinks it would be rather jolly if every junior educational consumer could share his learning. Accordingly, his intention is to use next year's anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta as a handy distraction from, among other things, Chris Graybeing's abolition of equality under the law. Although Britain's Head Boy is a bit vague on what Magna Carta means, he does recognise the document as the foundation of the liberties traditionally enjoyed by the aristocratic thug class of which the Bullingdon Club is one degenerate remnant and the British Neoliberal Party another. Britain's Head Boy believes that freedom for the right people is not optional, that tolerance of others is fine when they're not immigrants, and that accepting personal and social responsibility and upholding the rule of law should be obligatory for the proles if not for the Cabinet.


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