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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Their Trade is Treachery

It appears that Daveybloke has lost none of his famously hob-nailed touch when it comes to appointing the little men who do his communications thingy. Honest Andy Coulson's replacement is one Craig Oliver, a former editor of the BBC's pusillanimous news service who has responded to the Milibeing's political point-scoring over Syria with an accusation of giving succour to the Assad régime. An earlier stalwart of the Bullingdon school of bipartisanship told the Murdoch Times last night that "No 10 and the Foreign Office think Miliband is a fucking cunt and a copper-bottomed shit", thereby allowing a Labour spokesbeing to invoke, with doubtless a straight face, the families of potential casualties of the newsworthy variety.

Outside his primary aim of annoying the Government, the Milibeing wants stronger conditions for the involvement of the United Nations; Daveybloke has brushed this off with the assertion that any wog-bombing he carries out will be "a judgement call", i.e. an expedient course of action best left uncluttered by reliable evidence, concrete and well-defined aims, legality and other such fripperies. Daveybloke is doubtless much annoyed at the Milibeing for causing so much trouble and delay: in 2003 the brilliant Iain Duncan Smith was even more gung-ho for the Iraq crusade than the Reverend Blair himself. It is possible that Britain's Head Boy expected an equally civilised arrangement, especially in light of the Milibeing's previous obliging response to Daveybloke's advice about the taking the Labour party's funding back from the grubby hands of the proles. Certainly, if there is one thing Daveybloke is not accustomed to getting from Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, it is opposition.


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