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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Toxic Programme

Liam Smith's frère et semblable, Iain Duncan Byrne, has registered disapproval of targets and league tables as applied to depriving unemployed people of social security payments. Since Labour was unable to impose a similar régime while in office, Byrne approves of such deprivation only when it takes place in a context of incompetently drafted legislation retroactively amended to protect the DWP from having to pay what it owes. Having connived with the coalition to subvert the rule of law, Byrne is now claiming payback by demanding an independent investigation into the targets régime, which has reached new heights of Christian fervour at one West Midlands forced-labour mall with a promise of Easter eggs as a prize for the most zealous imposition of sanctions. Byrne is demanding the investigation, not because of anything so petty as the need for the Government to enforce its own rules, but as a quid pro quo for sharing in the coalition's iniquity; which indicates that Labour's concern is with nothing so trivial as the lives of a few poor people, but solely with the overriding moral issue of political point-scoring.


  • At 6:49 pm , Anonymous Persnickity Curmudgeon said...

    At risk of exposing myself as a member of the Federal Department of Redundancy Department, the Government incompetence her astounding.

    Elite legislators go to great pains to produce such legislative Monuments-To-Me with vague in wording and with plausible deniability as to meaning and goal.

    And yet, mere civil servants not only stumble upon the true intent but actually deem to enforce said law and far worse still actually be caught doing so and then horrifyingly
    , be so callous as to, (GOOD LORD!)properly attribute their actions to the law and by extension it's writers.

    Such embarrassment to the Establishment. Would be far worse if we were dealing with something actually important rather than simply peoples means of support. WHEW!


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