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Monday, July 11, 2011

Enforcing Choice

He may have thrown his Cuddly Coulson to the wolves, but Daveybloke's current cuddly advisors on media management are evidently well up on all the New Labour dodges like burying bad news. No doubt Daveybloke will be duly grateful to Rupert and Rebekah for helping to keep his latest bit of gove-lansley off the front pages. It was a little tactless of Southern Cross to close down on the day Daveybloke announced the effective abolition of the evil public sector aside from those parts, like espionage, wog-bombing and frontline police, which are immune to efficientisation and might cause inconvenience should some enterprising conglomerate decide to sell them to China. Nevertheless, Daveybloke burbled bravely on, claiming that the destruction of the public sector would mean more choice, as with all those competing energy companies which all charge the same price. There will also be improved services for those who can afford them, and equal benefit for rich and poor, as with the poll tax. Daveybloke burbled that there should be a "general right to choose" in such areas as education, health, social care and housing, and that in order to facilitate this public services will be handed over to profiteers. To ensure a level playing field, there will be competition from whatever remains of the voluntary sector once George has finished wielding his little chopper, and the ombudsman will act as an "enforcer of choice" (sic) for anyone who feels that there are not enough rocks and hard places on offer. Daveybloke also contrived to wave his dead child around yet again; which, in light of the behaviour of his chums at News International towards Milly Dowler and her family, was even more cuddly of him than usual.


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