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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Legalisticacitous Clarificatoriness, Clarificatilatory Legalisticality

Someone has finally told Daveybloke and his special nuncio to Belize that there are a few real people in Libya as well as all those wogs. Willem den Haag has promised to send "as many planes as necessary to bring home British nationals"; Libya is not, after all, Guantánamo Bay. Daveybloke took the opportunity to state that massacring one's own citizens was grounds for a strongly worded statement from the United Nations, provided this did not interfere with free trade. Daveybloke expressed his admiration for the Middle East peace envoy in absentia, who persuaded his chum Colonel Gaddafi to give up some fictitious weapons of mass destruction. Daveybloke expressed his disapproval of the possibility that this may have been done at the price of releasing a man who probably wasn't responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.

Daveybloke's enthusiasm for international law, of course, tends to be a bit on the lukewarm side when the law happens to be European; and, true to form, Daveybloke's rigorous and clarificatory inquiry into Britain's role as a willing accessory to US kidnap and torture is set to be about as effective as anything set up by the Reverend Blair. Several human rights groups, which were presumably brought on board so that the Liberal Democrats could make some sort of show at giving a toss about torture nowadays, have expressed concern because the security agencies which are being investigated insist on being allowed to divulge only such information as happens to suit them. The NGOs seem to think that letting the accused determine the evidence to be used against them may lower the credibility of the enterprise a tad; particularly in the jaded and cynical eyes of the Brussels bureaucrats from whose strangulating grasp Daveybloke's Cuddly Conservatives intend to rescue our few remaining rights.


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